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29 August 2006

Queen Elizabeth II at Expo 67

Her Royal Majesty visited Expo 67 on July 3, 1967. (And don't you just love the outfit she wore...)

The Queen arrived on the Brittania, the Royal Yacht (of course, how else would she have arrived?)

Her itinerary for the day included a Royal Salute by the Royal 22nd Regiment as well as visits to such pavilions as: Great Britain, the Western Provinces, Quebec, Ontario and the Atlantic Provinces.

Her Majesty's last stop was the Canadian Pavilion, with an official luncheon at The Toundra restaurant. (The Toundra hall still exists today and can be rented for receptions... Wedding, anyone?)

It was during this lunch that Queen Elizabeth told Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson that she would like to tour the site by minirail (a request that apparently caused Expo Security quite a moment of anxiety...).

Of course, Her Majesty got her way and rode the minirail for 40 minutes, to the cheer and admiration of Her Royal Subjects...

photos: library and archives Canada

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Blogger stinkypaw said...

Man! that outfit! Good thing she's the Queen! and that hat!!

Waiting for my invite to that wedding! ;-D

3:07 pm  
Blogger Jason Stockl said...

I'm turning 30 next year, maybe I can rent La Toundra for my birthday...

And Michele Richard could come sing the Expo song...

Someone stop me...

6:58 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The last picture of Queen Elizabeth on the minirail is Awsome!

10:19 am  
Blogger Jason Stockl said...

I know, I love it...

12:39 am  

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