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23 September 2006

The Pavilion of Japan

Located on Île Sainte Hélène next to the Netherlands pavilion, Japan's pavilion resembled a modern, concrete log cabin. The pavilion was divided into 3 distinct sections and sought to blend traditional Japanese elements with modern Western influences.

Visitors took an escalator to the top section and moved gradually down to ground level. The general theme was Japan in Progress with a sub-theme at each level:

Harmony with Nature demonstrated how Japanese people lived in a land where every square foot was precious.

Harmony with Tradition was essentially a large room decorated in a mix of traditional Japanese style with modern (1967) interior design. The walls were in a shoji-like lattice pattern with Japanese ornaments, dolls and flower arrangements displayed on shelves. Mod purple chairs sat amidst green wall-to wall carpet. The result was both serene and striking...

Harmony with Technological Advance showed Japanese innovations electronics and industrial machinery, with displays of cameras, radios and motorbikes. It was in this section that visitors could observe an ultra-modern computer that automatically replied in Japanese to any message given to it in English, and a TV-phone reminiscent to the one presented in the Telephone Pavilion.

The one truly traditional part of the pavilion was the garden. Visitors could rest in this tranquil oasis of shrubs, flowers and running water.

An annex in the same style of the pavilion housed the Japanese restaurant. Visitors could sample exotic Japanese fare such as shrimp and vegetable tempura and green tea ice cream.

I simply love the Harmony with Tradition room. Those groovy purple chairs are fab!

photos: (1) expo67.ncf.ca (2-3) naid.sppsr.ucla.edu/expo67/



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i love that groovy japanese room!
how are you expolounger?
i have a new youtube video on my blog you might like. i think i see a blip or 2 of the expo?

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