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30 March 2007

Expo 67 Pavilion Caps

For Expo 67, the now-defunct Dow Breweries had issued thematic bottle caps on their products. These caps featured photographs of various pavilions and attractions, and each was identified on the side of the cap. Dow Breweries issued a total of 85 different bottle caps.

As far as Expo 67 collectibles are concerned, these are sought after items, especially considering how many were probably simply thrown out at Expo. That is precisely why, upon seeing a complete uncrimped set of these caps on eBay, I jumped on them.

The photo below is from the actual eBay auction I won.

images: (top) personal collection
(bottom) ebay.com

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jason, congratulations on your ebay win!! :)

I remember back in 1964-1965 coca-cola (Coke) in the US for the New York World's Fair did something similar however nothing like the quality of the Canadian soft drink company.

I use to go to a couple of local candy stores and collect the caps right from the old refrigerators that the drinks at that time were kept until purchased.

Alas.... heaven knows where they got to, I guess they meet their demise in the same manner and along with my collection of baseball cards. :(

11:38 pm  
Blogger stinkypaw said...

Cool! They really did everything "Expo" in those years, didn't they? I wonder of they still do that?

4:54 pm  

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