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15 March 2007

The New York State Pavilion

A few American states put up pavilions at Expo 67, generally aimed at attracting tourism. Among these was the State of New York.

The New York State pavilion was located on Île Sainte Hélène, fittingly near it's magnificent parent pavilion: the U.S. geodesic dome. The theme was "Welcome Canadian Neighbor".

Outside, under a canopy, a water carrousel gently whirled visitors around an exhibit describing the wonders of New York City.

The main part of the New York State pavilion was comprised of 6 towers (each 40 feet high) which joined to form a floor of enclosed exhibits.

Through these exhibits, New York showed itself as a large and progressive state, possessing great cultural, industrial and natural assets. A recreational exhibit was devoted to vacations and outdoor activities. An industrial exhibit emphasized the success of Canadian firms, while a display on international commerce focussed on the large variety of products that New York State manufactured.

The pavilion contained 3 theatres in which groovy multiple slide images of New York State's achievements and capacity for fun were shown. The lively musical soundtrack even compelled visitors to dance while watching!

images: (1) personal collection
(2) expo67.ncf.ca
(3) westland.net/expo67



Anonymous John said...

What is a "water carousel"? I think I visited this exhibit when it in Man and His World in probably 1981. Whatever I saw, it was a round building, with a fountain shooting from the top of the building to a pool of water, but by this time the buildings had been renamed.

8:23 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember visiting the NYS pavilion at Expo. I lived in Syracuse at the time so, even as a kid, it was important to visit my home state's pavilion. It was fairly large and I remember the display really did tell a positive story about New York. It was, however, a mere shadow of the enormous pavilion (designed by Philip Johnson) that NYS constructed for the 1964-1965 New York World's Fair. That structure still stands in Flushing Meadow Park in NYC, the site of two world's fairs. However, it is basically a modern ruin. Unfortunately, Canada did not build a pavilion for the NYWF but I think it was a good move that NYS did choose to participate at Expo 67. It was Governor Nelson Rockefeller who wanted NYS to be represented at Expo.

12:54 am  

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