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23 June 2007

Expo 67 C'est Extra

The first C'est Extra dates back to May of 1996. Over the years, francophone culture vultures and swank Québécois sophisticates have been dancing to the very best franco-retro tunes of the 50's to the 70's at this soirée. From Dalida to Pierre Lalonde (and let's not forget Michèle Richard!), there's something for everyone at C'est Extra...

I've gotten to know Marie-Christine Champagne, the organizer, and I suggested to her earlier this year an Expo 67 edition of the famous go-go evening, in hommage to Expo's anniversary.

The result: tonight at Le Gymnase (4177 Saint Denis, corner Rachel), C'est Extra celebrates Expo! Put on your mod mini dress and white go-go boots, then come dance Expo 67-style!

See you there!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guess we can figure what you'll be doing tonight !!! What will you wear ??? Mousse xoxox

12:29 pm  

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