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2 June 2007

Today in Expo 67 History: June 2



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw a huge crowd on Ille Notre Dame gathered outside the Czechoslovakian pavilion. I ran towards it but was pushed aside. Someone questioned me saying 'Do you know who you just bumped into.'
'That was Bobby Kennedy!" I would like to check this out. I went to Expo 67, 67 times. I don't remember on what day the Kennedy visit was. I do believe that it was much later on in the summer. It was a near perfect day. The sun was high and everyone was aglow and cheerful.

7:48 am  
Blogger Jason Stockl said...

Senator Robert Kennedy and his family visited Expo 67 on July 5, 1967.

Click here to see the Archives Canada web page dedicated to his visit.

8:13 am  

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