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30 July 2007

Today in Expo 67 History: July 30



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Today Ane Iacono my good friend is 44 years old. At the time of Expo she was 4 and I was 12. In 1986 she went to Vancouver to see the Expo 86 and later had a child in 1992. I met them while rehearsing for a play . Several years later they moved to St. Laurent where her daughter is enrolled in this provinces first credited high school dance course. She is now a lead singer in her band. I still have my interest in Expo and Montreal festivals. Happy birthday Ane. May this be a happy and healthy year.
I wanted to take us to the Expo 2005 but the trip got bogged down because the Expo personel here said I was too professional. Well I hope to do some lecturing on the subject of worlds fairs in the coming months. These lounge and internet sites have been useful in helping me to further my research.

8:02 pm  
Blogger Jason Stockl said...

Thank you for your comment and happy birthday Ane!

7:41 am  

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