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13 December 2010

Electrohome's "Perception Modules"

Electrohome's "Perception Modules" 
Clairtone wasn't the only ultra-mod Canadian audio design in the 1960's.

In 1961, a Kitchener, Ontario-based company called Electrohome devised a modular high-end stereo system they named Perception Modules.

Designed by the John B. Parkin architectual firm, 7 standard size modules in 5 colors were available, offering literally hundreds of versatile (and re-arrangeable) configurations to suit any mod mood or groovy décor.

Quality craftsmanship and high-end electronics meant that Perception Modules sounded as good as they looked.

Electrohome's "Perception Modules" 
The Perception Module series:

1. Speaker Cabinet
2. Turntable Cabinet
3. 23" Television
4. Cellarette (i.e.: a bar supply cabinet!)
5. AM/FM Tuner
6. Stereo Amplifier
7. Intercom or Utility Cabinet

A tape recorder cabinet the same size as the Cellarette was also available, as were 3 sizes of metal bases (on legs) and 3 sizes of clip-on, room divider backs...

Electrohome's "Perception Modules" 
There were 5 fab finishes to choose from: Swedish Walnut, Sunburst Gold, Burnt Orange, Peacock Blue or off-white... I would have mixed both yellow and orange!

Electrohome's "Perception Modules"
From the original catalog:

Perception Modules fit music into the scheme of modern living. Here we have presented only four ideas... Vertical for lodge or private club. Free standing as a room divider. Horizontal for the executive office. Built-in for the music room. But patterns and permutations are limited only by imagination.

Electrohome's "Perception Modules"

Electrohome's "Perception Modules"

Electrohome's "Perception Modules"
Despite its forward thinking design and quality construction, Electrohome's Perception Modules were very expensive and sold poorly. Most of the modules were sent back to Electrohome to have their electronics recycled into more conventional home entertainment systems...

Special thanks to DC Hillier for images and info.



Anonymous Suzanna said...

L love it! My parents had friends who had a unit which contained a TV, a record player (hi-fi), record storage space, a radio, and a bar (lighted). We were totally amazed when we saw it.

4:00 pm  
Blogger Jason Stockl said...

I wish sound systems still came with integrated bars!

4:27 pm  
Blogger Steve said...

WOW! I've never seen this before! I want one... now where's my dang time machine...

12:18 pm  

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