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20 June 2011

The Administration and News Pavilion

The Administration and News Pavilion (Expo 67)
The Administration and News pavilion was the nerve center of Expo 67.

Located in the Cité du Havre sector near Place d'accueil and the International Broadcasting Centre, the 3-storey structure housed the offices of Expo 67's administration and news services.

The award-winning building featured a stepped exterior, each floor overhanging the one below, providing maximum protection from direct sunlight.

Expo's 6 different administrative departments shared this space, including the public relations department (directed by Yves Jasmin),  Logexpo - the fair's housing bureau, and Expovox - its information centre. 

The Administration and News Pavilion (Expo 67)
The building had 3 wings, each with its own entrance hall; the idea being that each area could be used separately if so desired.

The halls were decorated by large concrete mural sculptures, the work of leading Canadian artists.  Different artists gave each of the entrances its own distinct look. 

The Administration and News Pavilion (Expo 67)
Impressive facilities were set aside for international journalists visiting Expo:

A bowl-shaped, 150-seat amphitheatre equipped with 6 television cameras was used for press conferences.  There were 4 studios reserved for filmed interviews, and 9 booths for radio broadcasting. Distinguished guests and newsmen had access to a special reception salon and a completely equipped press room.  Simultaneous translation facilities and interpreters were continually on hand. 

The building also featured a cafeteria, restaurant, bar, and underground parking.

The landscape area between the Administration and News pavilion and the International Broadcasting Centre contained a large reflecting pool and a sculpture.

The Administration and News Pavilion (Expo 67)
Unlike most Expo 67 structures, the Administration and News pavilion was designed to be permanent.  The building still exists today, housing the offices of the Montreal Port Authority and the Maritime Employers Association...

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(2-3-4) personal collection (Montréal magazine)

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Anonymous Suzanna said...

As always, very interesting. I never knew about this building!

6:08 am  
Blogger Barbara Collishaw said...

I remember going there to be "processed" as a new employee. I think that was the only time. It was quite impressive.

9:26 pm  

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