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23 May 2016

Order Form for the Expo 67 Memorial Album

Order Form for the Expo 67 Memorial Album
"A vast panorama of Man and His World"...

One of the most magnificent books on Expo 67 ever made has to be the hefty Official Memorial Album. Packed with photos and beautifully-written articles, the book remains, to this day, a sought-after addition to any Expo 67 afficionado's collection.  I've seen bidding wars on eBay, with the final price going for well-over 100$...

At the time of its release, the album could be pre-ordered for 20$, which included shipping (it's over 8 lbs — I weighed it!).  The 6¢ postage-paid order card pictured here invited interested parties to reserve their copy, without sending money, with 10 days after delivery for returns.

Interesting to note, the book was published in 1968, and the card here states October 15th as its release date...

Order Form for the Expo 67 Memorial Album
"The bedside book for those who visited Expo, and those who envy them!"

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