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5 June 2016

Bobino, Filmed at Expo 67

Bobino, filmed at Expo 67
Bobino was the french equivalent of Mr. Dressup.

It was broadcast on Radio-Canada from 1957 to 1985.  Like Mr. Dressup, the show featured interaction between its host and a puppet.  Instead of Ernie Coombs' fatherly figure, Guy Sanche's "Bobino" was the older brother to his puppet counterpart, "Bobinette".

The Bobinette puppet was voiced by Paule Bayard until 1973, when Christine Lamer took over.  And while Mr. Dressup had occasional puppet visitors (such as Alligator Al and Aunt Bird), Bobino's supporting characters never appeared on screen; they interacted with the cast by visual or audible cues.

On June 23, 1967, a special edition of Bobino was broadcast. Filmed on location at Expo 67, the episode accurately conveys Expo's overall ambiance. Bobino and his sister ride several rides, including the panoramic Sky Ride, as well as several kids' rides at La Ronde.

Below is the complete episode.  Enjoy!

image source: lapresse.ca
video source: youtube.com/user/retroquebec

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Thanks Jason. The video is worth seeing.

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