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15 July 2006

I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy debuted on October 15, 1951.

A pioneer of the television situation comedy, I Love Lucy was the first to have a live studio audience.

From the beginning, millions were cast under the spell of the scheeming Lucy trying to forge her way into showbusiness. The chemistry between Lucy, her onscreen husband Ricky (played by real-life husband Desi Arnaz), and their best friends Fred and Ethel, is what made the show magic.

At first, CBS executives were worried that audiences wouldn't find Lucy's mixed marriage believable. They were also concerned about Desi Arnaz's heavy cuban accent. But Lucille Ball was adamant, and the executives finally agreed on the condition that Desi Arnaz or Ricky Ricardo's name not appear in the show's title. Desi Arnaz finally agreed to the title "I Love Lucy" the "I" being his inclusion.

Lucille Ball's mastery of physical comedy is key to the funniest scenes on the show: whether she was tipsy from an alcohol-based vitamin syrup or stuffing herself full of chocolate, the audience was left in stitches...

The show has been rerun ever since. For over 50 years it has been playing somewhere in the world.

I Love Lucy will forever remind me of my maternal grandmother who absolutely adores I Love Lucy...

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