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23 August 2006

The Austrian Pavilion

Austria's pavilion at Expo 67 was composed of white aluminum triangles, arranged in a "honeycomb" pattern, suggesting the molecular structure of crystal. A 120-foot mast featured an illuminated 3-D "flag", proudly diplaying Austria's national colors.

The crystalline form of the pavilion was meant to emphasize Austria's precision in science and engineering, while symbolizing the richness of it's natural and cultural heritage.

The ground floor of the pavilion divided itself into sections that borrowed Expo's sub-themes:

Man in the Community displayed replicas of the Austrian Civil Code, as well as treaty documents, coins, medals, stamps and decorations.

Man the Explorer dealt with Austrian innovations in such fields as the detection of nuclear substances and the transportation of radioactive materials.

Man the Creator emphasized renowned Austrian composers, writers and scientists such as Johann Strauss and Sigmund Freud.

Man the Producer was sub-divided into 4 sections which dealt with industrial achievements in electricity, machinery, transportation and steel production.

Additional display cases exhibited exquisite glassware and ceramics, as well as examples of traditional folk art.

The second floor, reached by escalator, featured Austrovision, an ultra-modern, audio-visual experience that described Austrian life, past and present.

Waitresses dressed in authentic costume served Viennese specialities in the adjoining Wienerwald restaurant.

photos: expo 67.ncf.ca



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