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18 August 2006

A Place to Stand

A Place to Stand was an 18-minute film presented at the Ontario pavilion at Expo 67.

Produced and directed by Christopher Chapman, this film used the ground-breaking multi dynamic image technique, showing life in Ontario without the use of narration or titles. Up to 15 simultaneous images were shown on one screen, using an hour and a half of footage for an 18-minute movie.

The video I have here is only a small excerpt, and I must admit that it was probably a little more impressive in it's original 66-by-30-foot format...

An important element of the film was it's soundtrack. Composed by Dolores Claman, with lyrics by Richard Morris, A Place to Stand's theme song etched itself in the collective consciousness of a generation. I know whenever I hear it, I have it in my head for days:

"Give us a place to stand
And a place to grow
And call this land Ontario!
A place to live
For you and me
With hopes as high
As the tallest tree
Give us a land of lakes
And a land of snow
And we will build Ontario!
A place to stand, a place to grow

image: expo67.ncf.ca

video: archives of Ontario

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