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4 August 2006

Woman and Her World

Expo 67 was a very modern event. Some of the concepts presented at Expo are as valid today as they were in 1967. But once in a while, I'll come across a document that (painfully) reminds me that Expo 67 took place almost 40 years ago (and, might I add, before women's liberation...)

Such is the case for a pamphlet I found a few years ago at an antique dealer. I suspect it was given out at the Hospitality pavilion, a pavilion sponsored by 4 Canadian natural gas companies, dedicated to women. The pamphlet proudly states Woman and Her World at Expo 67, in pink and purple with a floral motif...

The first paragraph of the pamphlet states "if you are a man, read no further!" It goes on to say that although Expo's general theme is Man and His World, it's a woman's world, too! But what this document deems as important to a "woman's world" is amusingly archaic by today's standards...

What are some of the exciting activities mentioned for women? Fashion shows. Pageants. Historical doll exhibits. Handicraft displays. And the special services offered specifically to women? Babysitting...

The best part of this pamphlet is the section on What to Wear to Expo 67. It suggests wearing "a basic print dress that will stay wrinkle-free and can be accesorized for evening wear" because pants "would mean changing every time your husband took you out to the many evening attractions"...(!)

The pamphlet strongly suggests picking up Singer's Sew-it-Yourself Wardrobe for Expo, yet another useful pamphlet that gave detailed costs, fabric suggestions and important tips on sewing your own clothes for Expo!

So that every woman could be beautiful and elegant at Expo 67...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ya, although it's the product of a certian time and place, it clearly illustrates just how peripheral women were considered in "Man's World". It's hard to believe that the exclusive focus on "man" as agent of change and benefactor of "progress" and the relative blindness to women, children and the negative aspects of a resource expoliting economy were considered not just normal, but part of a Utopian model!

6:50 pm  
Blogger Jason Stockl said...

Thank you for your comment.

I couldn't have summed it up better!

7:49 am  
Anonymous Joan Athey said...

I am looking for a record of a photo exhibition called "Woman And Her World" which may have been a pavillion following Expo 67, if Montreal kept some of the attractions going. The photographer was the now famous Bed-in photographer Gerry Deiter. He took dozens of photos of women representing all races and styles which were blown up really big, so his former wife told me. Apparently they were magnificent.

12:50 am  
Blogger peterm2652 said...


Do you have a way to make a PDF with this flyer? It's just that it would be useful to me to have it. I'm doing a M.A. in history on Expo 67 and women. Thanks!

9:31 pm  

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