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20 October 2006

Cheese Fondue Recipe from Expo 67

I'm really amazed at some of the things that I find on the Internet. Like this recipe from the Swiss pavilion at Expo 67:

Cheese Fondue

• 1 lb. Swiss cheese ends
• 2 tbsp. flour
• 1 clove garlic
• 2 cups dry white wine
• 1 tbsp. lemon juice
• 3 tbsp. Brandy (or Kirsch)
• Pepper or Paprika to taste
• 2 loaves crusty French or Italian bread, cut into cubes
• a fondue pot or chafing dish
• fondue forks

Dredge the cheese lightly with the flour. Slice the garlic and rub over the inside of the pot. Discard garlic. Pour in the wine and set over moderate heat on the stove. When air bubbles begin to rise, add the lemon juice. Begin adding the cheese by handfuls, stirring with a wooden spoon until the cheese is melty. Add the brandy and spices, stirring until blended. Serve in a heated pot, adjusting the heat to keep the pot bubbling but not burning. Using long fondue forks, spear pieces of bread, dunk them and place on the plate to cool and eat. Tradition dictates that the woman who loses her bread in the pot has to kiss the man on her left. This can clearly be expanded in scope.

image: (top) expo67.ncf.ca
(bottom) author's own

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Blogger mod*mom said...

that's a darling post!
i remember eating a lot of fondue as a kid. well, it was memorable, probably not often.
once i went on a train trip in the canadian rockies with my mother un-law (she wasn't married to my father in-law), we stopped in jasper? or somewhere really rustic + had dinner at a fondue place that was like a timecapsule from the early 70's it was large + every table had a telephone that could call the other tables, so my immature mother un-law + i crank + prank called other diners. the owner was a relic himself.

1:56 am  
Blogger Jason Stockl said...

There's something about fondue that's totally retro...

6:10 pm  
Blogger Davecat said...

I was not aware of the tradition that follows if a lass loses her bread in the fondue pot -- rather saucy. That alone should bring the concept of fondue parties racing back to contemporary society!...

10:18 am  
Blogger Jason Stockl said...

Racing back? I never knew they left ;)

8:44 pm  

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