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24 November 2006

Expo 67 Souvenirs

An event the size and scope of Expo 67 is sure to have it's share of trinkets and memorabilia for visitors to take home as souvenirs.

The amount (and diversity) of items produced for Expo 67 was mind boggling: postcards, coloring books, slide photography, 8mm movie reels, stamps, keychains, coffee cups, dishes, serving trays, drinking glasses, beer steins, t-shirts, neckties, flight bags, shoes, sunglasses, match sticks, cigarette lighters, etc., etc...

This does not include the plethora of jewels, handicrafts and products that each participating country sold at their pavilions!

images: (1 and 5) library and archives Canada
(2) expo67.ncf.ca
(3 and 4) Janicke Morissette (www.lebureauofficiel.com)/
Jean-François Brière (www.jfbriere.com)

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