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2 December 2006

The Quebec Industries Pavilion

A notable element of the Quebec Industries pavilion was it's white roof and walls arranged in jagged steps and angles.

Located in the Cité du Havre sector of Expo 67, the pavilion stood on the edge of the St. Lawrence river, right near Expo's main entrance. More than 100 Quebec industries participated in this exhibit, which was a supplement to the the province's official pavilion, and the only industrial pavilion presented by a Canadian province at Expo.

The theme of the Quebec Industries pavilion was The St. Lawrence Industrial Basin, illustrating the past and present of the river as a center of Quebec's economic activity. The province's economic potential was presented, and the pavilion boasted Quebec's superiority in such industries as asbestos mining and textile production.
Hydro electric power was featured as one of the provinces most important industries. Every day from 9am to 10pm, visitors could watch the progress being made in the construction of Hydro-Quebec's Manicouagan dam. A 160 seat projection room showed live images on a 650 square-foot screen. In 1967, this was the longest closed circuit television system in the world; some 500 miles seperated subject and audience.
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