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29 April 2007

Expo 67 Photos from La Presse

I just love the media attention that Expo 67's anniversary is getting. Newspapers and television networks alike are opening their vaults to reveal Expo 67 eye candy. It was precisely during the 30th anniversary media blitz back in 1997 that I fell in love with Montreal's World's Fair...

Enjoy these archival photos from french Montreal newspaper La Presse:

An aerial vue of Île Sainte Hélène.

An aerial vue of Île Notre Dame.

Queen Elizabeth visiting the Quebec pavilion.

General Expo 67 Hostesses in their rainy day outfits.

International hostesses striking a pose...

More international hostesses.

Yet more international hostesses!

Expo 67 crowds at a Minirail station.

More crowds, this time in front of Man the Producer.

Yet more crowds at Expo 67!

A panoramic view of Île Notre Dame, featuring Canada's Katimavik.

images: cyberpresse.ca

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