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24 January 2008

The CBC Gem Logo

The "C" stands for Canada, while the radiating parts symbolize broadcasting.

Of all the CBC logos throughout the years, my favorite is the Gem logo.

Designed for the CBC by legendary graphic artist Burton Kramer in 1974, the iconic Gem is the most widely recognized logo of the corporation, and arguably the most recognized symbol in Canada...

It instantly brings me back to childhood mornings watching Mr. Dressup...

I want a car like this! CBC identity vehicle fleet, 1975.

A gorgeous billboard from the CBC visual identity program, 1975.

A storyboard for the animated station identification.

Proof of the Gem's lasting appeal: current merchandise from cbcshop.ca.

images: (1) author's own

(2-3-4) ccca.ca
(5) cbcshop.ca

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Blogger Davecat said...

There was always something reassuring about the CBC station ID -- I knew that something good/interesting would always be on. Like Mr Dressup, the Friendly Giant, or Seeing things, for instance. :-)

1:42 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, this is the out-of-date original version. It was affectionnally called the "pizza" by employees. The logo was later simplified, and here is the actual version, and in good definition:

8:08 pm  

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