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27 January 2008

The Sky Ride

The Sky Ride was a 120-foot high cable car system that travelled over Dolphin Lake in the La Ronde sector of Expo 67.

Brightly colored gondolas holding 4 persons each carried passengers from the Expo Express station (at La Ronde's entrance) to another station in Le Village, an old-style Québecois village located at the opposite end of the park.

The cable cars offered visitors a panoramic view of the site, as well as the Montreal skyline, but bird's eye views were just one of the ride's functions: the Sky Ride was an effective means of dispersing the thick crowds that arrived hourly at La Ronde...

The Sky Ride's station near La Ronde's entrance.

Two panoramic rides: the Sky Ride (foreground) and La Spirale (background).

Architectual plans of the Sky Ride, 1965.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those rides remained operational well into the early eighties. The first thing that came to mind when embarking into one of those was the fear of falling down in the lake below and drowning as there were no handles inside nor any kind of emergency opening device. Nevermind the fact the the kid that I was failed to realize that the sheer impact would have done a remarquable job of sending me in the sweet thereafter. Silly me.

7:51 pm  
Blogger Jason Stockl said...

I had the exact same fear!

8:04 pm  
Anonymous rg said...

same! it haunts me to this day as my only memory of the park when I was a kid.

1:23 pm  

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