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6 February 2008

Jackie Kennedy at Expo 67

Former American first lady Jaqueline "Jackie" Kennedy visited Expo from October 6 to 8, 1967.

Celebrities who wished to tour Expo 67 incognito were provided with certain services, such as a non-uniformed guide or hostess to escort them. Though it was meant to be a private event, Jackie Kennedy held a press conference the morning of her Expo visit!

Mrs. Kennedy was welcomed by The U.S. pavilion's Assistant Commissioner General, Milton Fredman, and began her tour of Expo at the Czechoslovakia pavilion.

Always elegant, Jackie Kennedy talked to any visitors or journalists who called out to her at Expo.

images: library and archives Canada



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was there on the day she wore that deep brown coatdress with a gold chain at her waist. I did not know she would appear at the top of stairs just in front of me. I was so thrilled that I stood still and just watch her descend and walk past me.

I will always remember. I was 16 years old

9:26 pm  

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