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3 February 2008

Magic Highway USA, 1958

This is just the type of atomic-era, retro-futuristic document I love.

An exerpt from a 1958 Disneyland TV show, these animated predictions on future transportation technologies look very Jetsons-esque...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's amazing to note how many things they were wrong about (grocery rockets?), and how many things they were right about (urban sprawl). Tubes, tubes, tubes! (Tubes being one of the many reasons to love the CDG airport in Paris. It's textbook retro-future.)

2:57 am  
Blogger Brett said...

It's too heaven - The magic carpet of the future - linking the world and giving a better understanding - i do love the idea was to improve our way of life. Except father still works and Mother and child shop! Its very camp!

7:26 pm  

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