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22 May 2008

From Russia, with Love

Expo 67 gave the average visitor a chance to shop the world marketplace.

In pavilions and boutiques throughout Expo, national participants offered a wide array of folkloric handicrafts, luxury items, and gastronomic goods.

A full color promotional booklet put out by the Soviet Union sought to highlight the fabulous Russian goods that could be purchased at Expo 67:

"People from different countries would want to get an idea of the life of the Soviet people, their multinational culture and expressive original art. Gift object from the Soviet Union will help them get such an idea."

"Exquisite taste marks dark-colored coffee or liqueur sets..."

"The balalaïka is a most interesting and typically national souvenir..."

"Very expressive are figurines made by Baltic craftsmen..."

"It is not accidental that visitors to the USSR seldom leave without a samovar..."

"The same factories that furnish the equipment that goes into Soviet Sputniks offer visitors modern photo cameras, amateur cine-cameras, transistor radios, watches..."

"The first pictures of the reverse side of the moon were taken with a Soviet camera."

"You will carry away from the Fair the odors of Russian fields and meadows..."

"One cannot help admiring the beauty and quality of Russian furs..."

"Soviet shops at the Fair can offer you world-famous Russian caviar..."

"Crystal-clear Russian vodka will satisfy the most exacting palate..."

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