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8 May 2008

The Pavilion of Monaco

The Principality of Monaco presented an elegant pavilion on the banks of one of Île Notre-Dame's many canals. Several interlocking towers of pale ochre stucco surrounded a central garden-cinema, in a setting of flowers, trees and exotic plants.

The pavilion sought to show that the joie de vivre experienced by both tourist and resident of Monaco sprang from a civilization nurtured by a rich history. The exhibit area was mostly open aired, giving visitors the impression of strolling down the narrow streets of Monte Carlo.

The pavilion was divided into several different thematic areas, which featured displays on geography, history, science and culture, climate, sports, tourism, as well as a section entitled Monaco Tomorrow.

Ancient and modern coins, as well as stamps with portraits of Monaco's successive princes served as tokens to the principality's bountiful history. Cameras and lenses showed Monaco's flourishing optics industry. A display of car paraphernalia called forth the famed Monte Carlo rally and the prestigious Monaco Grand Prix, while a handsome boat floating alongside the pavilion exemplified top-class sailing vessels built in Monaco.

A large, light-filtering parasol covered the garden theatre, where visitors could watch a 15-minute color film on the famed Monégasque joie de vivre, in a setting of rosemary, cyclamens, geraniums and balsamin.

images: (1) alamedainfo.com
(2) courtesy DC Hillier
(3-5) westland.net/expo67
(4) personal collection
(6) expo67.ncf.ca



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