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19 January 2009

TV Dinner Packaging

Here's a groovy little montage of some vintage Swanson product packaging from the golden age of TV Dinners... As a kid, I used to always eat the "Chicken and Whipped Potatoes Entrée" (at 0:28, in the video).

I love the international flare (TV Dinner style) of the "English Style Fish and Chips Entrée" (at 0:16); and the "German Style Dinner" (at 0:46), which included "Sliced Beef with Sauerbraten Gravy", "German Style Whipped Potatoes", "Bavarian Red Cabbage", and "Applesauce Cake" for dessert...

Guten appetit!

Small, medium, large: 3 convenient formats of fried chicken TV Dinners.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

My other half has been eating a lot of these, since I've been on a really boring diet.

10:32 pm  
Blogger Jason Stockl said...

Yum... Fried Chicken, I hope!

5:47 am  
Anonymous Jack Ruttan said...

Good grief. The mashed potatoes always managed to have this sort of dried kind of skin on top. Now they've certainly got some chemical agent to stop that.

3:37 pm  

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