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10 May 2009

GeoTour 67

In recent years, what remained of Expo 67's U.S. pavilion has become the Biosphere, an environmental museum dedicated to water issues and climatic change, as well as sustainable development and responsible consumption.

Last summer, the Biosphere launched a unique activity called GeoTour 67.

Using Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, GeoTour 67 offers visitors an interactive exploration of two 4-kilometre circuits on Sainte-Hélène and Notre-Dame islands.

Available at the Biosphere's ticket counter for a rental fee of $5, visitors are given handheld navigation devices that enable self-guided tours of 25 points of interest on the islands. At each site, the pre-programmed device displays photographs, audio clips, anecdotes and diverse information, illustrating the significance of the specific location. Each tour lasts about 2 hours.

Not surprising, the tours focus a lot on Expo 67 (much of the grounds themselves did not exist before Expo)... as well as the evolution of environmental awareness over the past 42 years.

Click here to sample GeoTour 67.

images: (top) cyberpresse.ca
(bottom) ideeclic.com



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