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5 July 2009

Nightlife Magazine Interview

Expo Lounge (and my passion for Expo 67) are the subject of an interview appearing in the summer 2009 issue of Nightlife Magazine.



Anonymous chasnj007 said...

Jason, what a wonderful and interesting interview. I never knew that Elvis's guitar was at Expo, where was it displayed? After two weeks of exploring Expo as a teen, I might have passed it and never knew I had done so.

Jason, this blog is your labor of love towards Expo. I enjoy stopping by and checking for any updates.

I wish you all the best in being one of the founders of "The Expo 67 Foundation"


4:08 pm  
Anonymous John Lane said...

This interview is wonderful!
You deserve major praise; I'm always inspired by this site.
Thank you so much,

9:46 am  

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