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4 December 2011

A Very Michèle Richard Christmas

A Very Michèle Richard Christmas
My retro-licious Expo 67 Christmas tree has a new twist this year: I've added custom-designed Michèle Richard ornaments... Oui, les amis ...!

A Very Michèle Richard Christmas

A Very Michèle Richard Christmas 
images: author's own



Anonymous Suzanna said...

An awesome Christmas Tree! I love it.

8:06 pm  
Blogger Stéphane Brault said...

Now something interesting in Canada!.. Clinicly!
You have the touch!
I visit your blog frequently just for fun, for my personnal decrompression in a world that take a bad direction.
My english is not very good. Bon ben si tu aime Michèle Richard tu vas comprendre mon langage.
Ce n'est pas que de la nostalgie mais plutôt une une constatation post-apocalyptique que je comprend.
nôtre "élite" est bien que trop pognée pour comprendre qu'on a pris la mauvaise direction.
Quelques pas en arrière pour aller de l'avant, ne ferais pas de tors.

Merci pour ce blog et pour les extraordinaires images!

12:39 am  
Blogger I. M. Clarke said...

I can recall neighbours and family returning from Expo 67 - and describing these fantastic things they'd seen - like monorails and 360-degree movie screens. It sounded magical. Glad to see your site reflects the color, optimism and fun of those faraway times.

5:49 pm  
Blogger Nina said...

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas! Yours is one of my all-time favorite blogs... brings back my earliest memories Montreal 1968-1978

9:15 pm  
Blogger Fr3d said...

Great Blog see mind www.songsfromdetroit.blogspot.com about Motown

2:50 am  
Anonymous William said...

Oh my god Jason, I love it! Sorry I missed this one!

6:33 pm  
Anonymous Pretty Kitsch said...

Pretty Kitsch est officiellement jalouse de ton sapin de Noël, mon cher Jason. Grrrr!

11:19 am  

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