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22 December 2012

Eaton's Preview of Expo 67

Eaton's Preview of Expo 67
Founded in 1869 by Timothy Eaton, the 'T. Eaton Co. Limited' was once Canada's largest department store.  The first Eaton's catalogue appeared in 1884 — 34 pages with no pictures, and nothing more than the item’s name and price.

Canada's population was mostly rural at the time, so catalogue and mail order retailing was ideal: it offered isolated settlements a selection of products that were otherwise unattainable.  Needless to say, the arrival of the latest Eaton's catalogue in these communities was a major event...!

As Eaton's grew, so did the catalogue, and it would become a Canadian cultural icon found in almost every household in its heyday.

For their fall and winter 1966 edition, Eaton's presented an "exciting preview" of Expo 67.  On backgrounds of artists' conceptions, an array of coats, clothing, luggage and cameras were shown, with the suggestion: "Plan to visit Expo 67".

Oddly, I don't know why Eaton's didn't wait for the spring 1967 catalogue for their preview.  Most of the clothing shown would have been way too hot for a typical summertime Expo jaunt... (Rabbit fur, anyone?)

Nevertheless, the layout is pure 60's fashion and Expo 67 eye candy. And, judging by the images below, we see that "Jade green" and "Camel" were hot colors for fall 1966...!

Eaton's Preview of Expo 67
"Far left:  Two-piece walking suit in soft wool diagonal.  Long demi-fitted jacket has a detachable fur collar of bleached and tipped racoon.  Flap pockets with one fake pocket on right side.  Rayon satin lining and interlining.  Slim skirt with back leat is fully rayon lined.  Jade green only.  Misses sizes 8, 10, 12, 14, 16.

Near left:  Sleek two piece dress in wool double-knit to stand out in any crowd.  Straight and simple — with a rolled bias collar ending in flip ties.  Top has long back zipper; skirt has side zipper.  Jade Green or Winterberry Red.  Misses' 10 to 18."

Expo 67 preview:  (top) "Altlantic provinces ship building exhibit"
(bottom) "Quebec's glass pavilion built over water"

Eaton's Preview of Expo 67
"Far right:  Sophisticated demi-fitted coat of wool diagonal has horizontal welt stitching and wrist length set-in sleeves.  Ornamental fabric trim conceals two-button closing.  Slash pockets.  Rayon satin lining, interlining and chamois.  Jade green only.  Misses 8 to 16.

Near right:  Fashion-bound two-piece suit in printed wool double-knit.  Demi-fitted jacket with pointed collar and five button closing has set-in sleeves.  Body of jacket and slim skirt are Rayon lined.  Jade green print only.  Misses' 10 to 18.

Fur felt velours fedora, grosgrain ribbon trim.  Up to 22½-in. headsize.  Jade green."

Expo 67 preview:  (top) "Western Canada's symbolic exhibit"
(bottom) "The Ontario pavilion at Expo 67"

Eaton's Preview of Expo 67
"Kodak Brownie Fiesta outfit

1. The family fun camera. All you need to start taking good pictures — in one low-priced outfit. Take black-and-white or colour prints, or colour slides with economical 127 film.  Two batteries; one 4-shot Flashcube; one roll 12-shot black-and-white film.  With gadget bag.

Anscomatic Super 8 zoom camera

2.  Trouble free cartridge loading...  shoot 50 feet without reloading.  Fast f/1.7 zoom lens takes you right in where the action is.  Electric motor drive.  Built-in CdS electric eye exposure meter.  Reflex through-the-lens viewing; with one Kodak Super 8 colour film cartridge.  With pistol grip."

Expo 67 preview: (top) "Community and Health pavilion"
(bottom) "Air Canada's cantilevered pavilion"

Eaton's Preview of Expo 67
"Youthful chic in a fun fur

Dyed rabbit in a striking imitation of lynx.  Double-breasted with sparkling buttons.  Rayon satin lining, underlining, inside pocket, ties.  Optional simulated leather belt.  Beige with white.  Misses' sizes 10, 12, 14, 16.

Streamlined fashion classic

Coat of wool and camel hair.  Saddle stitching trims the tailored lapels, envelope pockets, front closing, the shoulder seams and the optional tie belt.  Rayon satin lining, interlining, chamois.  Camel only.  Misses' sizes 10, 12, 14, 16, 18."

Expo 67 preview:  (top) "Main entrance gate to Exhibition"
(bottom) "A permanent display — the Montreal Aquarium"

Eaton's Preview of Expo 67
"Pick your Skyway luggage here and be on your wonderful way!

1 to 5.  True-to-life buffalo hide?  No.  Koroseal vinyl, so forget all about stains and scratches.  No more fussing with keys either.  Just set and remember combination locks.  (Use your lucky number.)  Lift-O-Matic hinges; secure tongue and groove closures; inside, cushy, quilted linings; removable pockets.  Busy bag re-lined in plastic; petite case fitted with mirror, brush, comb, toothbrush.  Ready to go?  Try and stop you!  Topaz Gold; Dresden Blue; Cardinal Red."

Expo 67 preview:  (top) "Government of Canada exhibit"
(bottom) "Classically designed Swiss pavilion" 

Eaton's Preview of Expo 67
"Detachable collar tops suede

Exciting newcomer to the fall and winter fashion scene!  An elegant coat of soft suede leather (sheepskin), with a detachable shawl collar of striking, natural lynx.  Styled with three-button closing, three-way belt, horizontal flap pockets, set-in sleeves.  Rayon satin lining, interlining.  Comes in sable (medium brown) only.  Misses' sizes 10, 12, 14, 16, 18."

Expo 67 preview: "Fountain and sculpture designed by Gerald Gladstone"

Eaton's Preview of Expo 67
"1.  The dress.  Fully rayon lined.  Detachable checked hip belt, long back zipper.  Beige mix or Red.  Misses' sizes 10, 12, 14, 16.
2.  The Skirt.  Pleated tattersail skirt, side zipper.  Colour as shown.  Misses' sizes 10, 12, 14, 16."

Expo 67 preview: "The British pavilion designed by Sir Basil Spence"

Eaton's Preview of Expo 67
"Thank you for buying from EATON'S" — The order envelope that came with the catalogue featured the Expo 67 symbol.

images: personal collection

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Anonymous Rich said...

Nice find.

Funny to think that those once hot models are now little old ladies.

5:41 pm  
Anonymous Rich said...

Couldn't find your email address, so I'll leave this here:


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Anonymous Anya said...

And yet - in these images, they remain forever young.

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