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4 June 2006


When I was a kid, I used to love Play-Doh.

I loved the colors, the smell, the salty taste (hey, it was non-toxic...). I loved using little cookie cutters and rolling pins to create things. My favorite toys were always the ones that got kids to use their imaginations (like LEGOs).

Play-Doh is celebrating it's 50th anniversary this year. Invented in 1956, Play-Doh was a concoction that came about by accident. The inventors, Noah and Joseph McVicker, were trying to develop a wallpaper cleaner! The original Play-Doh came in one colour: off-white. It was only a year later that it became available in the bright colors we all remember.

Play-Doh has a very distinctive smell and texture. Like Kentucky Fried Chicken, the exact recipe is kept top secret...

For a limited time, Demeter Fragrance Library (a fragrance line I love) has issued a Play-Doh perfume to celebrate it's 50th anniversary! Needless to say, I want some!

Check it out by clicking here.

perfume photo: demeterfragrance.com
play doh photo: christophergriffith.com

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Blogger stinkypaw said...

50 years of Play-Doh - wow!

Loved to play with it - made SOOOO many cookies, which could explain why I love baking so much (that and my Easy Bake oven!)!

But the smell, nah... not as a perfume. Not for me anyway!

11:52 pm  
Blogger Jason Stockl said...

I must admit there are limits as to how much one would want to smell like Play-Doh!

7:46 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I did buy the Play-Doh and Gin and Tonic. I won't wear either but they will be great to add to my collection of unique things. Thank you Jason, for introducing me to Demeter.

8:23 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Play-Doh was awesome! But terrifically expensive in the South Pacific in the 80s... Mum would occasionally buy me some, but more often than not I had to make do with a concoction she made in the kitchen which smelt nothing like "the real thing"...

7:09 am  

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