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3 June 2006

Western Provinces Pavilion

As well as national and private pavilions, Expo 67 had a few provincial and regional pavilions.

Such is the case for the Western Provinces pavilion which regrouped Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. The pavilion was strategically situated on Île Notre Dame near the Canadian Pavilion, neighboring the pavilions of Quebec, Ontario, and the Atlantic Provinces.

The architecture of the Western Provinces pavilion was meant to symbolize the landscape of the flat, prairie provinces leading up to the tree-topped rocky mountains. The finishing materials used for the pavilion, such as the cedar shingles on the roof, all came from these regions.

The pavilion's interior stimulated the visitor's sense of sound, sight and smell while focusing on industrial achievements: forestry, mining, fishing, agriculture, petroleum, electricity, etc. The exhibits presented were designed to envelop visitors, creating virtual environments: a simulated 3000 foot descent in a mineshaft elevator, a simulated forest atmosphere with chain saw and water creek sounds, etc.

Historical elements were discussed, too, including the Hudson's Bay Company, and the role it played in the development of Canada's Western provinces.photos: expo67.ncf.ca



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