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16 December 2006

CBC Vintage Media

The Canadian Broadcasting Company was founded over 70 years ago, on Novemeber 2, 1936. Originally radio-only, the CBC began television broadcasts in 1952, with the opening of their first TV station, in Montreal.

I grew up watching the CBC, and I've always loved vintage CBC media. The logos that were used from the 1950's to the 1970's were totally cool.

The CBC used this logo at the end of TV programs from 1958 to 1974:

This alternate logo was used from the 1960's through to 1974:

The Butterfly logo (below) was introduced in 1966. Designed for CBC by Hubert Tisson, it marked the CBC's transition from black and white to color broadcasting. It was retired once the transition was complete, in 1974.

The logo below (my favorite) was designed by graphic artist Burton Kramer in 1974. It was the most widely recognizable logo of the CBC. It marked the CBC's full transition to color television broadcasting.

The groovy CBC butterfly in action:

This instantly brings me back to my early-childhood days, in the late 70's:

Vintage opening credits from The National, circa 1978:

images: wikipedia.org

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love 60's and 70's graphics - the most impact with the least fuss! I studied under Burton Kramer when he taught at OCAD - opinionated, obstinate and an ego maniac: all the classic traits of genius.


2:07 pm  
Blogger Jason Stockl said...

Thanks for the info, DC. Glad you enjoy!

8:31 pm  

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