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10 February 2007

The 40th Anniversary of Expo 67

2007 marks the 40th anniversary of the Universal Exhibition of 1967.

The city of Montreal has announced a 200 000$ budget to commemorate the event. An official announcement and an interactive new website are scheduled for February 19, 2007.

Expo 67's 30th anniversary in 1997 was great; it was then that I first fell in love with Expo. Local newspapers and television stations had dipped into their archives, bringing forth fab vintage documents pertaining to Expo 67.

I sure hope the same will happen this year.

A great blog called Expo 67 2.0 has been created for the occasion, by a local press agency called l'Évènementiel. The blog's goal is to keep the public up to date on all the festivities surrounding Expo's 40th anniversary.

Click on the logo below to visit Expo 67 2.0.

images: Expo 67 2.0

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Are you going to have a party? I want to come. I want to chill out in the Expo Lounge!

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