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5 May 2007


These fab photos of Expo 67 hostesses are from the Montreal Gazette:

A lovely general Expo 67 hostess.

A British pavilion hostess (love her purse!) with a general hostess.

The British girls' uniforms featured the shortest skirts at Expo 67.

Two more British hostesses posing in front of their pavilion.

A hostess from the U.S. pavilion. Their outfits were designed by Bill Blass.

Austrian hostesses arriving in Montreal for Expo 67.

Happy hostesses from the Canadian Pacific Cominco pavilion.

Expo's commissioner general Pierre Dupuy was all smiles with these pretty hostesses.

General Expo 67 hostesses at Montreal City Hall, with Mayor Jean Drapeau.

images: www.canada.com/montrealgazette

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Blogger Retro Attic said...

Love the hairstyles!

12:18 am  
Blogger Barbara Collishaw said...

I wanted to be a hostess so much. In the end, my job was in the Expo Treasury, counting cash and tickets. Had a great summer, anyway!

9:57 pm  
Blogger Retrojerry67 said...

Salut Jason!
Saurais-tu quelles sont les hôtesses avec M. Dupuy sur la photo? Et le pavillon? (ton avant dernière photo)



1:21 pm  

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