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19 August 2007

The Sermons from Science Pavilion

Located on Île Notre-Dame, the elegant Sermons from Science pavilion at Expo 67 was built by several Canadian businessmen. The pavilion sought to illustrate "the role of man and science throughout the divine creation", approaching seldom-treated subjects with unusual techniques. Inside was a 300 seat projection room and a 65 seat lecture hall, both comfortably air-conditioned.

Thirteen films were being shown in the projection room, several of which had won prizes for their subject matter or technical originality. These films showed not only the most exciting discoveries of modern science, but also a philosophy of science in religion. Demonstrating the existence of providence and purpose in nature, the moral and spiritual lessons were presented discreetly, without denominational labels.

One hundred different scientific "sermons" were presided over by Dr. George E. Speake of the Moody Scientific Institute. Among the demonstrations, visitors could see a man turn into an electric fire-lighter, by passing a current of a million volts through his body to kindle a torch held in his hand. The purpose was not only to astound people with striking scientific magic tricks, but to highlight the bonds between Man and his Creator, revealed by science.

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