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9 March 2010

PLB's "Montréal" T-Shirt

Local DJ François Lebaron models PLB's new Montréal t-shirt.

PLB's spring 2010 collection features a totally retro, Montreal-centric design!

Using graphic representations of familiar urban landmarks (the Metro, Place Ville Marie, etc.), this t-shirt represents, to me, the very magic that makes Montreal cool... including our world-renowned Underground City.

And where better to photograph this design than in front of the Biosphere...? (originally built for Expo 67, of course!)

images: (top) Martine Doyon photographe
(bottom) PLB design

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Anonymous Michael McCArthy said...

Wow! What a beautiful design; it's absolutely superb. Thanks for sharing this, and once again, fantastic blog!

5:33 pm  
Anonymous Steph said...

I love it! This one will be the next addition tom my collection, :D

8:13 pm  
Anonymous Suzanna said...

Looks fantastic!! It is a wonderful design!

6:45 am  

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