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3 April 2010

Expo 67 Monorail Garage

Check out this rare shot of an Expo Monorail garage under the embarkment platform of one of the stations... I wonder what was in the cardboard boxes?

image sourced from ebay.com

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Anonymous gpw55 said...

I have been watching this blog for along while now with I must admit great enthusiasm. I don't know where your getting this stuff, BUT keep it up, being a child of the era, and I have been to Expo, as well as to many trips to Montreal, It is so nice to see this great pictures of the place, The only thing I have is a Green Flag of the Centennial Year.

MANY Thanks Garry

6:42 pm  
Anonymous Mikecross64 said...

Seeing all this "Trippy Transportation" makes me think of a really far-out form of transportation to Expo '67: Canadian Pacific Railway's "Expo Limited" from Vancouver to Montreal. In contrast to the Space-Age atmosphere of the fair, it was a thoroughly old-fashioned passenger train, made up of coaches and sleeping cars from the 1920's (think "Some Like It Hot,")which took a good four days to complete its run, which included stops twice a day to top off the ice bunkers for the air-conditioning. You could have spent some time in the past while you were traveling to see what the future was going to look like.

10:40 pm  

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