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17 February 2012

PLB's "Katimavik" T-Shirt

PLB's "Katimavik" T-Shirt
 PLB has done it, again!

For spring 2012, Pier-Luk Bouthillier proposes a design that pays homage to one of my personal favorite symbols of Expo 67: the "Katimavik".

The Katimavik was the dominant element of the vast Canadian pavilion at Expo 67. At 109 feet high, visitors could climb to the top of the structure for breathtaking views of the Expo site.

The word "katimavik" means "meeting place" in Inuktitut, symbolizing Canada's role as host at Expo 67.

Interesting to note, "katimavik" can also mean "to take care of". This adds a deeper meaning to the design: "taking care of" our planet is one of PLB's core values...

Available in men's or ladies', in asphalt or black.

PLB's "Katimavik" T-Shirt 
photos: Patrick Cardinal
design: PLB

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