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10 June 2006

Lady Miss Kier

There are a select few people that I would consider to be my "heroes". Lady Miss Kier is one of them.

Lady Kier was lead singer, co-songwriter and co-producer of the now-defunct musical group Deee-Lite.

Her look, in 1990, was totally new. She designed many of her own costumes, which consisted of groovy, zip-up Pucci-print catsuits and colorful, mod mini-dresses.

Her signature was her auburn hair (often a wig) worn in a 60's beehive or flip, and her John Fluevog platform shoes...

Her look was so influential, at the time, that stores such as Le Château were copying and selling Pucci-print bodysuits and minidresses.

Deee-Lite shot to stardom in 1990 with the release of the album "World Clique" and the smash hit "Groove is in the Heart". Teenagers always have a particular song that annoys their parents, and mine was "Groove is in the Heart". I had the 12" single on vinyl, and I must have worn it out. I played that song, constantly, it was my teenage mantra.

I clearly remember the first time I saw the video for "Groove is in the Heart". I was 13 in 1990, and constantly watching the music channels, like most 13 year-olds. I was stunned and amazed by Deee-Lite and, specifically, Lady Kier.

A whole world of 60's influenced grooviness that was opening up to me. That moment changed my life, profoundly.

According to her website (ladykier.com), Lady Miss Kier will be performing at the Montreal Gay Pride festival, "Divers Cité" on August 6th. Can't wait!

photos: (1) haktanir.org/deee-lite
(2) flickr.com
(3) elle.com



Blogger stinkypaw said...

Since I read this post I can't seem to stop humming "Groove is in the heart..." Deee-Lite was quite a funky group and I totally loved their video - their clothes, shoes and hairstyle, wow! Totally groovy!

I guess I know where you'll be on Aug. 6th! =^..^=

11:34 pm  

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