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2 November 2009

Expo 67 in One Day

Only one day to visit Expo 67...? No problem!

From Expo Inside Out, a no-nonsense guide to seeing the best of Expo, in just one day:

"Take the Metro to Sainte-Hélène, arriving at 9:30am. Go immediately to the United States pavilion (you can't miss it); and get in line for the film (which includes the tour). Allow two hours, which means you should be out before 11:30.

Get in line for the U.S. pavilion first thing in the morning.

"You won't have to wait in line long if you lunch early. Try the restaurant in one of the following pavilions (all a short walk from the U.S.): Scandinavia, Austria, Switzerland, Japan. With care and luck, you will eat well for 5$ each. We'll allow you until 1pm to eat.

"An hour is plenty to take in Japan and will even give you some time to rest in its garden.

Take the time to rest in Japan's garden.

"By 2:30 you should have found your way to the theme pavilion, 'Man the Explorer'. See 'Man and the Polar Regions' and 'Man, his Planet and Space'. By 4:30, you should be out.

"Walk back towards the United States, and turn right at Cosmos Walk, the pedestrian bridge across Le Moyne Channel. (If you're tired, take a Pedicab for about 1$).

Cross Cosmos Walk, the pedestrian bridge...

... or take a Pedicab if you're tired.

"Take a good look at the U.S.S.R., but don't go in. Cross Île-Notre-Dame and turn right again, past Mexico and India to Barbados-Guyana, where we suggest you stop and have a drink (our recommendation: BIM BAM BOOM), to the accompaniment of a calypso group and macaws.

Have a drink at the Barbados-Guyana pavilion.

"By 6:00pm, you should be ready for supper in Canada's 'Tundra' restaurant, which is two buildings past the teepee of the Indians of Canada (allow 15$ for two.)

Have dinner at Canada's Tundra restaurant.

"Try not to miss the last showing of 'A place to Stand' in the Ontario Pavilion (get there by 9pm).

"We wouldn't blame you if your energy has given out, but if you're still going strong, walk over to the Minirail Station opposite the Western Provinces and take the Blue Minirail (a 45 minute ride for 50¢). Don't get off too early - you pass through some stations twice. This is the best time to take the Minirail; you see Expo lit up at night and you won't have to wait in line.

Take the Minirail at night... it's the best time.

"After that, you may want to visit the Amusement Center (La Ronde). Walk to the Expo-Express Station (Île Notre Dame) and take the Expo Express to La Ronde, at the end of Île Sainte-Hélène. From there you are at the mercy of the barkers and your own impulse to spend money.

Finish off your day at Expo 67 at La Ronde.

"To get home, use the La Ronde exit, and take a bus to the Metro (Papineau station) and you're on your way."

images: (1) montage by author
(2-3-8-9) Bill Dutfield
(4) flickr.com
(5) library and archives Canada
(6) personal collection
(7) courtesy DC Hillier

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Blogger anton said...


Your pictorial addition to our "One-Day Tour" was masterful. We felt that inclusion of our suggested tours was an essential ingredient, especially since our "concept" of a helpful guide started with the "tour" idea and expanded to the rating system we ultimately used. We were concerned that if a person had only one day to visit the site, they would have a truly unique taste of "Canada's Birthday Cake".

Anton Kozlik, publisher

8:42 am  
Blogger Jason Stockl said...

Thank you, Mr. Kozlik!

As I've said before, I really love "Expo Inside Out" because it gives an entirely different point of view of Expo 67... in contrast to the official guide, where everything was equally "wonderful".

The witty humor of "Expo Inside Out" is priceless, as well.

I'm honored that you enjoy and visit "Expo Lounge"... Come again!

Jason Stockl

9:44 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there! I just stumbled across your blog while looking for some information on Google. I have a funny little collection of Expo 67 pins that my mother collected at the Expo --- I was trying to figure out what countries they represented: they are all foreign-language.

Sadly, my Mum has since passed away and I would love to know what the pins were. Do you know of anywhere that there are pictures of Pins and descriptions?

Thanks for your time and attention;

11:37 am  

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