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7 May 2006

The Kaleidoscope Pavilion

Though the bulk of pavilions at Expo 67 were national, there were some noteworthy theme and private pavilions.

Located on the south side of Île-Notre-Dame, the Kaleidoscope pavilion was presented by 6 of Canada's leading chemical producers: Canadian Industries Limited, Chemcell Limited, Cyanamid of Canada Limited, Shawinigan Chemicals Limited and Union Carbide Canada Limited.

Kaleidoscope's hostesses were all former Miss Canada contestants.

The Kaleidoscope pavilion's exterior was itself an optical illusion: 112 vertical fins painted different hues surrounded a circular steel frame. Depending on the visitor's point of view, the colors appeared to change and the giant steel ring seemed to move... Far out!

Kaleidoscope at night.

Kaleidoscope's presentation, entitled "Man and Color", was seperated into 3 parts, viewed in 3 seperate chambers. "Nature and Play", "Technology and Electronics" and "Planetary Sphere" featured a story line, covering the colors of morning, midday, and evening.

Huge mirrors were used to reflect images and hues like an actual kaleidoscope. This resulted in striking optical illusions that played on the emotions of the visitor. A dramatic soundtrack enhanced the experience.

The Toronto Star enthusiastically hailed the Kaleidoscope pavilion as "the most beautiful esthetic experience at Expo"...

112 colorful fins seemed to change hues, depending on the point of view.

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