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27 May 2006

Quebec Connection

I am not alone, it seems.

Quebec Connection is a local Montreal musical group comprised of Nathaniel Hebert and occasional-collaborator Synergy Plus. Like me, Nathaniel's fascination for Expo began early on, upon seeing the ruins of the Expo 67 site, as a kid.

Nathaniel visited Man and His World (the yearly exhibition that followed up Expo) in the early 1980's. Though I never got to see Man and His World (it finally closed when I was very young), I do remember passing by the impressive Habitat 67 apartment project, and the abandoned American Pavilion dome, and asking my dad what they were.

Quebec Connection released an album entitled "Bonjour Expo" in the fall of 2004. The cover is designed like an Expo passport, and the song list includes some great titles ("Man the Explorer", "Man in Control?"). The sound is retro electro, like an obscure CBC documentary from the 70's...

Their website is great: quebecconnection.ca

images: quebecconnection.ca



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