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8 May 2006

The Expo 67 Logo

I have always had an interest in logos and corporate identities. I remember helping my dad create a logo for his company when I was in grade school.

Designed by Montreal industrial artist Julien Hébert, the Expo 67 logo is a timeless design with it's avant-garde lower-case font (Optima) and it's circle of stick-figure men, arms outstretched in fellowship. Instantly recognizable, infinitely elegant, the graphic symbol of the 1967 World Exhibition is as close to perfection as a logo could be...

But, as you know by now, I have a biased opinion when it comes to Expo 67!

image: wikipedia.org

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Anonymous Bob said...

Do you think that Columbia, Maryland plagiarized the expo67 logo for their logo?


4:59 am  
Blogger Jason Stockl said...

You mean the statue with outstretched arms? It's reminiscent, but I wouldn't quite call it plagiarism.

8:18 am  

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